Amazing Features

So we make this app with very easy to use features.
GovTow is primarily focused on law enforcement and government agencies.


Uses the smart logic approach to locate the closest driver and send direct notifications. Photo/Video, signature capture, marking damages and many more features.

Impound Management

Intake vehicles, collect photos, document damage, generate automatic owner/lien holder letters, automatic fee calculations, auctions and more to manage storage lot operations with high efficiency.
Also can track and manage vehicles towed by the agency in privately owned storage lots – Real-time view for all stakeholders.

Auction Processing

Auction module facilitates scheduling of vehicles, bidder registrations, payment management, bills of sales, scanning and zebra printing.

Mobile Features


A quick reporting on KPIs, business metrics, and analytics - One stop place for all Managers.

Driver Selection

Select tow truck based on closest truck to the scene via GPS or via rotation, equipment needed, zone / beat / district, and more. Tow request comes through text, phone call, and message to tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Route Mapping

Map routes for drivers for drivers to utilize and all appropriate users to see.


GovTow is an easy to use tool for Tow Management.